Perhaps you have spent more time consuming content lately?

As someone who makes content for a living what I’m about to say might not be the smartest business decision, but it’s an idea that I know has truly helped me so I hope that perhaps it might do the same for someone else out there…

My intuition says that consuming less content is better for you.

It’s an easy habit to fall into and a difficult one to break.

Over the last year or so I’ve been going through periods where I try to live my life in “Output Only Mode”…

He parallels this idea to when you are working towards to a goal in life. You must be focused only on what you are chasing as worrying about what anyone else is doing will be detrimental.

Regardless of what it is, actually taking the time to solely focus on consuming this content means I enjoy it much more and take far more away from it, than if it was just background noise to help me get through another task in the day.

So consider, do you need to switch to output only mode?

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