Is Everyone Really an Expert?

Do you find certain song lyrics stick with you?

You’ve got to stop and admire how great it is that technology has advanced to a point of such accessibility that there’s a level of ubiquity and that everyone is now able to share their message with the world.

But the point I’m making here is not about quality, it’s about the value of your content.

Every time without fail, before we rolled the cameras he would want to make it explicitly clear to us all that…

“This is what I’ve learned and how I’ve lived my life, if it helps you that’s great, but I’m not telling you how to live your life”.

… but what I do know, is that arguably one of the most valuable things I think I will ever learn in life was given to me by someone who had the humility to believe that even with a life of such intense varied experience and great achievement, he still hadn’t earned the right to tell you his way was the best.

So how does this help you with your content production?

My intuition says that the people who are truly experts are out there achieving incredible levels of success and educating others by the way they conduct themselves and run their business operations on a day to day basis. They are educating with their own actions first and formeost.

Please do share your thoughts and insight, but my intuition says it will be better received without having the audacity in thinking or trying to make yourself look like the absolute authority in your field (even if you are!).

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