Be a person of Worth, not wealth.

It is the idea of being a ‘valuable person’ which most of these thoughts centre around.

It was the creator we cared about, not the content.

“There’s a new form of narcissism, there is an uber narcissism and that’s because like breeds like”.

In approaching our content production, whether personal or professional, is all too easy to think of what we ourselves are gaining out of it.

But my intuition says that to be a person of worth, at the core of every action you make is a desire to help others.

He simply hopes to leave whatever he’s doing in a better situation than when he approached it.

My intuition says sometimes this can be a simple and obvious action, for example you help a friend with a problem they’re having, but sometimes this can be more subtle.

Whatever it is, if you approached your own output with the core goal of offering value to other people not with your own self interest in mind, whether you get zero or a million likes, you can be forever content in your actions that your intent was to do something helpful for someone else.

Perhaps if nothing else, the person who spends every day trying to leave this world in a better situation than when they came into it is the ultimate definition of someone of great worth, regardless of the amount in their bank account.

So remember, be a person of Worth, not just wealth.



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