By now you’ve probably heard someone describe the current global situation as ‘the world being put on hold for a year’.

In these unprecedented times the population’s health has been made top priority with economic activity…

Photo by Ben Marlow (Insta: @benmarlow)

Everything is subjective, but some things are more subjective than others.

Perhaps you like me may also have a tendency to post only the highlights and at…

Perhaps you have spent more time consuming content lately?

And what’s more given the current situation who could blame us.

As someone who makes content for a living what I’m about to say might not be the smartest business decision, but it’s an idea that I know has truly helped me so I hope that perhaps it might do the same for someone else out there…

My intuition says that consuming less content is better for you.

Waking up and scrolling through Instagram, watching YouTube videos while…

In good or bad times, humour always helps.

You would be hard-pressed to find a human being that doesn’t like to laugh.

Think amongst your friends and peers, I’m sure many of the most memorable ones are those you find the funniest.

Unless you are lucky enough to work in the field of comedy, humour may not be something you consider valuable in the…

Do you find certain song lyrics stick with you?

Perhaps not the traditional place you’d find deep insight, but I was truly impressed how he only needed…

Maybe like myself, quarantine has offered you a break from your busy daily routine. For many, it’s gifted us some precious hours we can use to stop and reflect, rather than continue charging full-speed at whatever is in front of us.

This blog is a summation of points and ideas…

I don’t like the word ‘creative’.

I love the idea of someone who ‘creates’ things and produces real tangible value for other people, but struggle to fully understand what being ‘creative’ in your work truly means.

I haven’t posted a blog in over six months.

If you’re also self-employed you may well know the trepidation of blocking off any ‘holiday time’ for the fear of opportunities you might miss that arise while…

I’ve written a blog post every week for the past year.

And first and foremost, to each of you that’s taken a few minutes out of your day to read it, thank you, sincerely.

Einstein is often credited with the famous quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again…

Jack Tompkins

I help people, brands and businesses communicate more effectively with their customers through visual, audio and written content.

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